Five Exciting Themes For Parties And Events At Museums

A museum venue rental will instantly set your private event or party apart from others. You can do more than rely on the museum venue for your theme, though. Take your party or event to the next level with one of these five possible themes.


The museum and its exhibits likely already suggest one or more themes. You can use fashion to double down on what's present in the museum. If you're at a history museum, for example, your party might feature a historical fashion show. You could also have caterers and other staff members dress to the historical theme, too.

Even guests can get in on the action by dressing to the period in question. If you want to go one notch higher with your fashionable endeavor, you can stage a masquerade with the theme.

An Escape Room

Using the museum's theme to feed the idea, you can set up an escape room. You might have guests at the private event take in some fun facts through a short tour. They will then have to employ those facts to execute an escape.

A bonus of the escape room is that the idea is compatible with many other themes. If you want to add something extra to the event, the escape room is a fun addition.

Garden Party

Many museums have adjacent outdoor spaces. If you're hosting the event during a nicer time of the year, a garden party is a good way to get some fresh air. You can connect the indoor and outdoor parts of the event, allowing guests to experience the museum and the garden. Also, the indoor area can serve as a backup option in case the weather doesn't cooperate.


Once more, you can use the museum's theme to propel your party. A cocktail party with a bit of mixology training is a good way to engage guests. You can use history, local flavor, or science to inform the design of the cocktails. Afterward, guests can participate in mixing and enjoying their drinks based on the theme.

Art Auction

Working with local artists and the museum's gift shop, you can conduct an art auction. Not only is it a good theme for the event, but you can tie it into the museum venue by using the proceeds to donate. Guests will enjoy a fun night and take away a keepsake of how great the museum private party was.

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