Going On Your First Snorkeling Tour? Follow These Tips For Success

One of the best ways to get in the water and explore what is underneath the surface is by snorkeling. If you've booked yourself a snorkeling tour and have never done this activity before, it may help to follow these tips to make the experience more enjoyable. 

Snorkel With A Buddy  

Anyone snorkeling for the first time should consider bringing a friend with them. You want someone with you who you are comfortable with and who you can call out for help if something goes wrong. If you are out exploring the ocean on your own that will simply not be possible. Staying close to somebody is the best way to ensure your safety. 

 Defog Your Mask

The temperature change of going in the water is going to cause your mask to fog up and make it difficult to see. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help prevent this from happening. You can purchase an anti-fog spray from a local dive shop. You can apply this to the inside of the mask to prevent fog from forming. However, if you do not have that and are in a pinch, you can actually use your own saliva to clean the inside of the mask. It may seem gross, but it works.

Practice Your Breathing

The idea of having your face submerged underwater while being able to breathe can feel awkward at first. That is why you want to practice controlling your breathing underwater before you venture far away from the boat. Just try having your face submerged while breathing normally, and work on this until you feel comfortable to swim further away from the boat. 

Use Your Fins 

Many people forget how powerful their fins can be to swim in the water, especially if they are used to using their arms for swimming in a pool. Remember that the rhythmic motion of moving your fins can do a lot to help propel you forward, and will make you less tired by not having your arms do all the work. 

Give Other Snorkelers Space

It's important that you give other people space when they are snorkeling near you. It may be exciting to go near friends or family members that went with you, but that may be struggling with their own issues related to snorkeling. Give people plenty of room so that they do not feel crowded by other divers. 

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