Host A Horror-Themed Dinner Party

If you are a horror movie buff and would love to share some of your favorite horror records with some close friends, hosting a themed dinner party that incorporates a series of soundtracks can be a fun way to enjoy a weekend evening. Use your horror vinyl collections to guide you in creating a dinner setup that will be sure to excite and possibly frighten your guests.

The Focus

If you are a fan of one particular movie and you own several horror vinyl records that relate to it, set up your entire dinner party around this movie. If your horror vinyl collection includes records that feature soundtracks from many classic and modern horror films, you may want to use a particular soundtrack for each course of the meal that you and your guests will be enjoying.

For instance, start the dinner off on a somber note and play some slow songs that are from a classic horror film. As time moves forward throughout the evening, amplify things and play a horror record that contains soundtrack hits that feature some loud effects, more intense vocals, and a faster rhythm.

The Display

Set up the record jackets that are part of your collection in an area where your guests can view them. Place the record jackets in the order that you will be playing them. Prepare a tracklist that contains the name of each song selection and the album that it came from.

If your guests aren't familiar with some of the tracks, they can refer to the display that you have created. A series of easels or a shelf that is alongside the table where you and your friends will be seated will prompt everyone to remain focused on the album covers. 

The Complementary Details

Costumes, memorabilia, and themed tablecloths and dinnerware will make the setting for your dinner party one that is complementary to the horror tracks that you will be featuring. Dress up like one of the characters from your favorite horror movie. If you would like everyone to get involved in the costume part of the gathering, assign some characters for your guests to dress as.

Use dim lighting to give the dining area a spooky vibe. Halloween decorations, movie posters, and other wall decor can be displayed within the room where you and your guests will be seated. Once your last guest arrives, begin playing the list of tracks that you have selected.

For more information on horror vinyl collections, contact a professional near you.

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