3 Ways Children's Books Can Teach the Importance of Seeing-Eye Dogs

When dogs are trained for unique purposes like blind companionship, their journeys include a lot of remarkable learning and progress. Young children may not understand exactly what a seeing-eye does and its importance. Through the use of children's books, a child can learn about the process and how dogs are essential to many people.

Learn how books can showcase and teach the importance of the dogs.

1. Types of Blindness

Seeing-eye dogs provide services for all forms of blindness and a book can illustrate how blindness impacts the services a dog performs. For example, a child may read and learn how a dog can guide an owner down a busy street. A dog also provides protection and warnings for key blind spots and moments.

Through the learning, a child will have a better understanding of how the trained dogs are far more than just a pet. Along with text, the illustrations are key to conveying specific ideas, especially in young children. Seeing a dog train and use commands will resonate more than just telling the child through text.

2. The Dog's Perspective

Children's books have the unique opportunity to showcase a dog's perspective on the world. Through narration or internal thoughts, a child can see a dog's responsibility when leading the blind. Through the dog's perspective, a child will learn the pitfalls of distracting, overly petting, or bothering a seeing-eye dog.

The dog's perspective adds a fun narrative flow to help keep a reader interested and will create an interesting point of view when paired with illustrations. Children can connect with characters, especially when the dogs are named. The storytelling technique will resonate more than just reading information and medical details.

3. Empathy and Emotional Growth

Reading about the adventures of a person with visual disabilities and the dog that guides them can help build up empathy in a child. A child will have an understanding of the day to day life and can empathize with the struggles people go through.

Building empathy is a key to emotional growth with a child and finding human connection. Repeated reading of a children's book will help build up even more empathy and can lead to some follow-up questions. Through the book discussion, you can build a stronger connection to the story and help a child see other perspectives of the world.

A child can learn a lot from children's books and you can add special releases to your kid's library so you have go-to reading options on a daily basis. Learn more by contacting services like Grammy's Superhero Series. 

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