Video Game Soundtracks Might Inspire Someone Attempting A "Second Try"

No one knocks a ball out of the park every time they're at bat. Failure is a natural part of life, business, and play. However, there are things we can do to boost our spirits when we fail or want to try something again. So, when you reflect on things not going your way, why not play the soundtrack from an upbeat video game? The music could prove uplifting, which is what some might prefer when things don't go perfectly. Also, the video game music's connection to your memories of playing a game might lead you to making different, maybe better, decisions the next time.

The Many Lives of a Video Game Player

The classic video game of "three lives" means a character could meet its demise thrice. Things may not go well the first two times, but there's a third chance to score big. Some might learn a lesson there, and they could seek reminders to those lessons by listening to a preferred video game soundtrack record. Here are a few elements the LP may present:

  • Action Music Delivers Motivation: Adventurous video games require fast-paced, action-oriented music to get players into the necessary pace to play and win. When the time comes to take another chance at success, playing action-game music might help you get moving. Success is about taking action, so why not play action-packed theme music? 
  • Danger Music Adds Seriousness: Few people want to wallow in seriousness, but understanding the stakes sometimes forces someone to get serious. There's a reason why video games may switch to "danger music" when energy levels deplete. The game sends a warning to shift gears and lookout for trouble. The consequences of remaining on the same path might not be desirable. Perhaps danger music can "wake you up" to make overdue changes.
  • Nostalgic Music Drives Good Feelings: Serious helps, but so does maintaining a positive attitude. Feeling good about an endeavor might contribute to motivation. How about playing the soundtrack to an old video game favorite from your younger days? Listening to classic "good time" soundtrack music might assist with rewiring attitudes. And an upbeat attitude often helps you to tackle tough jobs once again. 

Of course, the process of listening to video game soundtrack records alone won't reverse previous missteps. The right mindset, however, could contribute somewhat to making another try at something more fruitful. Listening to classic video game soundtrack might help with alleviating and motivating the mind.

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