Planning A Large Wedding? 3 Tips For Selecting A Venue With Capacity In Mind

Planning a large wedding can be overwhelming due to all the smaller details that can go into making the event one that you're happy with. When the wedding is going to be quite large due to the size of your guest list, it can be even more difficult to narrow down venues to one that's going to be a good match.

Instead of rushing into choosing just any venue, consider the following tips that can help you find a wedding venue that's going to be a good match for the capacity that you need.

Check What the Accessibility Is Like

With a wide range of ages from babies to seniors attending your wedding, you need to make sure that everyone is capable of getting around the venue well. Finding a wedding venue that's multiple stories can be a mistake since it can make it difficult for some people to make it through the venue comfortably. You should also consider how close the parking lot is since it can help play a part in whether you're able to accommodate the guests at your wedding.

Consider the Time of Year

As you check out different wedding venues, it's smart to consider the time of the year that you're planning it for. It can be difficult to have the wedding held during the colder months of the year due to outdoor venues no longer being an option. Considering how the weather is going to play a part, as well as how busy some wedding venues will be, can help you decide exactly what's going to be a good match for your wedding.

Take a Look at the Extra Amenities Nearby

With a large wedding and a long guest list, it's smart to look at the other amenities that are located nearby. Whether you're hosting the wedding ceremony and reception in the same place or you're interested in choosing different locations, you need to consider exactly what kind of impact certain areas can make in how your wedding turns out. Even the food vendor options can be different depending on the location for the wedding venue, making it important to pay attention to every detail before settling on a venue.

As you get ready to choose a wedding venue, you need to see exactly what can make a difference in ensuring that you're comfortable with your decision. With the above tips in mind, it should be much easier to narrow down venues to one that's going to suit your long guest list. Start visiting local venues like Rainbow Gardens to see if they'll meet your needs.

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