Impress Your Blind Date And Show Them A Good Time

If your best friend is setting you up with a blind date, and you, your new acquaintance, and your friend and their partner have plans to meet at a bar lounge next weekend, you may be worried about the impression that you will make and the level of fun that your counterpart will experience. Devise a game plan that will help you impress your date and show them a good time.

Find Out What The Establishment Offers

The bar lounge that you visit may feature a live band or another form of entertainment that will prevent you from feeling as if all eyes are on you and will allow you to let down your hair while you are getting to know the person who you have been set up with.

If your friend has chosen the venue that you and the others will be spending time at, find out what they know about the place. Have they spent time there before? Do they have a schedule of events or a menu of food and beverages that will be offered on the day of the date? If so, use this information to plan how the evening will unfold.

You and the others can start things off by sitting down at a table and speaking casually and then move onto one of the forms of entertainment that are offered so that nobody becomes bored or is at a loss of words, which could result in an awkward silence.

Pace Yourself And Add Food To Your Agenda

One way to ruin your first encounter with your date is by being intoxicated and speaking loudly or nonstop about yourself. If you tend to get rowdy after you have indulged in several cocktails, consciously prevent this type of behavior by vowing to pace yourself throughout the evening. Consume a light meal before you head out and after arriving at the bar lounge, order either a non-alcoholic beverage or one that contains a low alcohol content.

Don't try to finish your drink quickly, but instead, savor the beverage and sip it slowly. After drinking each alcoholic beverage, consume a small snack or drink a bottle of water. You will appreciate the fact that you do not get drunk during the evening and that you are coherent and able to enjoy the music or games that are offered at the lounge.

Be Versatile And Listen Intently

Your date may be interested in sitting down for most of the evening and sharing some personal stories or they may decide that they would like to get on the dance floor or play a round or two of darts. This is perfectly fine and you should try to be as accommodating as possible. Let your date take the lead and be open to whatever they suggest. Also, do your best to listen intently to what your partner has to say, so that you can get to know what type of person they are. 

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