Feliz Quinceañera! What You Need To Make This Party A Blast

Fifteen-year-old girls in Hispanic cultures often celebrate their fifteenth birthdays with massive parties. It is akin to the "sweet sixteen" parties celebrated by Caucasian cultures. The best quinceañeras are the ones that hire really good party planners to make sure that every detail of the party comes off without a hitch. You will be involved in many of the decisions that will be made. That includes decisions about all of the following things your daughter's party will need to make it a very feliz quinceañera!

Rent Tables and Chairs, or Buy Them?

Depending on how massive this party will be, you may want to rent the tables and chairs from a company like Party People Rentals & Sales instead of buying them. If your daughter is only going to have less than thirty close friends at the party, you can buy the tables and chairs and then reuse them for other parties you have in the future. If your party plans include more than a hundred friends and/or family members, it is better to rent them.

The Band or a DJ?

You can hire a cover band to play all of your daughter's favorite songs, or you can hire a DJ to spin songs. If you choose the latter, your daughter can even create an MP3 playlist of what she wants to hear and dance to at her party. A live band means you will have more people to feed, and fewer song choices, too.

Catering or Food Provided?

If your daughter's party is at a posh venue, the venue usually provides the food. This might be at an added cost to you, or it might be included in the price. Your professional party planner can find out which venues include food with the rental price and which ones charge more to feed your daughter's guests.

Of course, the flip side is to hire a caterer. A caterer is able to provide a lot more food and provide lots more choices. Just be sure to tell the caterer when, where, and how many guests your daughter will have at least two weeks prior to the party. Also, if you decided on hiring a caterer, this should be done months in advance as caterers handle lots of weddings and anniversary parties throughout the year.

Cake: No Question

It is not a birthday party without cake. Hire a professional cake baker for this job. You will want a cake that feeds your daughter's guests, plus lots of extra cake for the DJ/band, caterer, venue servers, etc..

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