3 Ideas For More Efficiently Operating Your Small Hotel

Owning your own hotel can be an exciting and lucrative career path, but it's also one that often involves long hours and stress. One way to make your own life easier while also improving your hotel guests' experience is to find ways to improve efficiency. When your hotel is run as efficiently as possible, operations go more smoothly, you may be able to save money, and you and your staff will save time. Here are a few ideas for boosting efficiency at your small hotel without sacrificing quality:

Add Hospitality TV

Hotel guests have come to expect complimentary cable and even on-demand television. Instead of just providing them with nice TVs and a decent cable package, consider upgrading to televisions specifically designed for hospitality. These televisions incorporate your hotel branding into their menus and guides.

Even better, hospitality TVs from a company like ProTVSolutions can include concierge screens and services. Yoru hotel guests can request wake-up calls, connect with local businesses, or order food all from their television menu. This eliminates the need for constant calls to the front desk and can make it possible to forgo having around the clock front desk concierge service. 

Don't Be Afraid to Outsource

As a hotel owner, it can be tempting to do everything yourself. Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to burnout. Plus, taking on too many tasks that aren't in your area of expertise can lead to less impressive results. In addition to your on-site hotel staff who handle your reception area and housekeeping, take a look at your to-do list to find other tasks to outsource.

This may mean hiring a professional decorator to update the look of your hotel rooms, or a freelance marketer to help you reach more customers and become booked more consistently. Investing in these types of services frees up your time while also improving your hotel so you can charge higher rates and earn better reviews.

Streamline Staff Communication

Do you spend way too much time texting, calling, and emailing your hotel staff? Use an online communication service like Slack to save time while communicating more effectively. These online services allow you to create a communication channel just for your team, where you can send each other messages in real time. This allows issues to be resolved immediately and without the need to check various accounts and devices.

By incorporating these ideas into your hotel management, you will keep up with the competition while saving time and money.

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