Plan A Magical Wedding Reception For Your Daughter

When she was just a little girl, did your daughter used to play like she was a bride? Perhaps she pretended that her boy and girl dolls were getting married. It seems like just yesterday, doesn't it? Now the real thing is staring at you right in the face. Your little girl is getting married and you're planning a real wedding reception. Make it magical! From the bride and groom's arrival at the reception departure in a horse drawn carriage, here are some ideas that might help.

The Beginning - Start the beginning of your daughter's wedding reception in a dramatic way. Plan for the bride and groom to arrive at the wedding reception somewhat later than the guests do. At the appointed time, invite all of your guests to go outside to welcome the newlyweds who will be arriving in a horse drawn carriage. A horse drawn carriage really adds to the magic of the night, and it isn't hard to find a carriage company. Contact some companies in your area, like Four Winds Carriage Company, to make arrangements.

You should also make arrangements for their song to be playing, and then let them lead the way back into the reception area. Of course, you won't even need to plan the merriment that will accompany this amazing arrival, as the guests will be caught up with the wonder of the couple arriving in style.

Since you are wanting to set a magical mood for the reception, think of other ways that the magic can continue. Consider having little castles as part of the table centerpiece decorations. Whether you use a DJ or whether you have live music, think of including dance music from different eras. By doing so, from older guests to the younger group, everybody will more than likely be more inclined to get out on the dance floor.

The End - Don't let the party go on too long. Have you ever considered that it's best to end the reception while everybody is still having a grand time, rather than letting things go on so long that people start getting tired and even a bit bored? At an appointed time, play the bride and groom's favorite song again, indicating that they will be leaving after that dance. Instead of tossing rice, think of a magical way to send the bride and groom onto their honeymoon.

Invite all the guests to go outside to bid the newlyweds goodbye. Give teach of the guests a white balloon and, as the bride and groom drive away in the horse drawn carriage they arrived in, indicate to everybody that they should release the balloons and let them drift into the sky.

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