Ideas To Consider For Incorporating Mini Golf Into Your Office

If you have a number of mini golf enthusiasts who work in your office, it can be fun to add some manner of a mini golf area to the break room or elsewhere in your location. Doing so can give employees a chance to unwind, as well as get to know each other a little better in a fun way — and this can help to promote a happy, productive place of work. Visit a local mini golf course for some inspiration in terms of how holes can be laid out and how obstacles can be placed. Then, buy the supplies that you need and get busy setting things up. Here are some ideas to consider.

Buy The Right Equipment

Many sports retailers sell mini golf equipment. The most important equipment consists of a length of artificial turf that is typically elevated at one end to support a hole that is deep enough to accept one or more golf balls. While you can simply buy one of these pieces and set it up in the break room, it's ideal to be more inventive. Buy as many holes as you need, and then consider buying several long pieces of turf that you can cut to your desired length and width and place leading up to the hole. A used sporting goods store should yield as many putters as you need for a low price, as well as used golf balls.

Set Things Up

It's ideal if you can set up one or more mini golf holes in your office with the intention of leaving them up. This way, employees won't have to waste time setting things up and taking them down each time they wish to play. To this end, you'll want to ensure that the mini golf holes are conveniently located, but not in the way. Having them underfoot can be a nuisance, especially if people are walking over the turf as other employees are trying to play. Consult your team to come up with some location ideas; if you have a large lunchroom, perhaps a golf hole in one section of the room may work.

Offer Some Fun Twists

Mini golf holes are ideal when there are obstacles between where you start and where the hole is placed. It can be fun to incorporate different elements from your office to form these obstacles. Try to think of relevant items. For example, a series of coffee cups from the break room, placed in a unique pattern, can be fun. If you're an award-winning company, you might even wish to place one of your awards on the turf as an obstacle, just for fun. Encourage your employees to play a couple holes of mini golf when they need to burn off some steam or just get up and move after sitting for a long stretch of time.

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