Top Features To Look For In A DJ For Your Child's Sweet Sixteen Party

Sixteen is an age that is filled with new adventures and many new milestones on the path to adulthood. Therefore, this is a birthday that should be rightly celebrated. If you are like most parents, when your child turns sixteen, you will plan them a birthday bash that they will not soon forget. Because music at just about any teen party is a given, hiring a DJ for a sweet sixteen birthday party is also a must. Here is a look at a few features to look for in a sweet sixteen DJ for your child's birthday party to ensure you get the best professional for the job. 

The DJ offers a free quote before you hire them. 

When planning a sweet sixteen birthday event, you are bound to shell out a little more money than what you would for a typical birthday. Therefore, you definitely do not need any surprises where the cost of hiring a DJ is concerned. Many DJs bill after the party, which doesn't help if there are variables that can make the cost more. Instead, look for a DJ that is upfront with you about pricing and will gladly give you a free cost estimate before the date of the event. 

The DJ offers clean music options suitable for teens. 

Teens may not care whether the music they listen to is explicit, but most parents will want only music that is suitable for children under age to hear. Therefore, make sure that the DJ you hire for a sweet sixteen birthday party has access to not just the type of music your child loves, but the clean versions of certain songs or from certain artists. This will ensure no parent is left feeling uncomfortable about the music choices that you choose to play at the party. 

The DJ offers included additional services. 

When it comes to party planning, any time you can find packaged or bundled services, it usually turns out to be a cost-effective thing. So finding a DJ for the party that offers additional services beyond just playing music is an excellent thing to find. You may find a DJ who offers included karaoke, extra sound equipment, their own lighting equipment, and even other forms of entertainment that would work well at the party. Make sure you ask any DJ service you are seriously considering what kind of additional services they have to offer. 

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