Finding The Right Amount Of Fright: A Guide For Taking Your Children To A Haunted House

Visiting a haunted house can be a fun way to celebrate in the fall, but finding the right one for your family may take a bit of work to make sure the experience isn't too scary for your little ones. Use this guide to find to help make your experience a fun and spooktacular one for everyone in your family:

Haunt Online Reviews

Not all haunted houses are created equal, and some are definitely geared more toward adults. Reading haunted house reviews can help you to gauge just how scary each location may be. If adults are saying they were frightened at a particular location, you may want to pass. Some reviews may even post pictures you can use as you choose which location is right for your family.

Gear Up Your Goblins

Even with a family-friendly haunted house, your little ones may be tempted to jump or run to get away from scary ghosts or woeful witches. To keep them safe, be sure to dress your children in the proper attire. Closed-toed shoes can help to prevent tiny toes from being stepped on, and brightly colored jackets or shirts can make it easier for you to spot your children in a crowded haunted house.

Speak About The Spooky Spirits

Before you head to the haunted house, it's a good idea to talk to your kids about fantasy and make-believe. Reassure them that everything they will be seeing is fake, and encourage them to ask any questions they might have about what they might see. You'll also need to reinforce this after leaving the haunted house to help your little ones feel more at ease. Be prepared to read a long bedtime story that night, and consider leaving the nightlight on, even for older children.

Keep Your Wolfpack Close

If you are visiting with a group of people, make sure that everyone stays close together throughout the haunted house experience. Keep children in the middle of the group, as this can help them to feel more secure while also preventing them from getting lost. If children are at the front or rear, there may be a risk of them becoming separated from you. Just in case, come up with a plan for where you will meet after exiting the haunted house. Let your children know to follow the exit signs that should be posted throughout the building.

Follow these tips to have a safe and fun experience at your local haunted house, and consider rewarding your little ones with a special treat afterward. A comforting bowl of ice cream can be a great way to chase the scares away.

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